Small Beeswax wrap

Golden Plains honey

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Organic cotton coated with high grade naturally antibacterial beeswax enriched with honey and bee propolis harvested from our hives. With added activated frankincense and myrrh to further boost antibacterial and anti fungal qualities. Great for cheese small sandwiches, cut small fruit avocado small bowls plates.

Clean with a clean cloth and warm water, roll and store at room temperature when not in use.  They should last a year under normal usage, we  do not recommend re waxing.

Use normal food hygiene rules and colour code your wraps to there use for example blue for blue cheese, yellow for cheddar raw meat red. Be careful if crossing wraps between raw meat to cooked meat, mould rind cheese to cheddar, you do have to think a bit more but the fridge inside looks great.

Buy from a Beekeeper not a faker maker, help us to expand our beekeeping efforts and facilities.

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